We are a locally owned and operated purpose-driven organization. We have built a long-standing reputation for providing a reliable, caring and people-first pharmacy and healthcare services.

At Medicine Place, we encourage and promote a culture of respect, trust, personal responsibility, collaboration, and empathy. Medicine Place provides equal opportunities to all and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. We are happy to present new and exciting opportunities for all those who are looking for careers in the medical and pharmacy sector.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please fill out and submit the application form below.

Medicine Place is currently operating at four locations:
10660-105 St. Edmonton
5809-118 Ave. Edmonton
13514-97 St. Edmonton – Our medical hub, offering all services.
4243 118 Ave. Edmonton

Our support staff and receptionists are paid competitively and in comparison with the medical industry.

Once we receive your resume, we will review it, along with other candidates. Once applicants are shortlisted, we will schedule interviews. The best candidate is selected on merit and experience.

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