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Medicine Place in Edmonton is your medical clinic hub for all your medical care needs. Our mediclinic provides comprehensive, patient-centred medical care that ensures our Edmonton patients have access to all the necessities to live a healthy life. All Medicine Place clinics in Edmonton offer top-quality services, with our 97th street clinic location providing full-service care in the areas of medical care, pharmaceutical care, prescription deliveries, eye-care, surgical procedures and information, injection services, specialized education and information, immunization services, and medical imaging. Our family doctors are now accepting new patients in Edmonton. Experience the difference a visit to a Medicine Place clinic can make. Visit us at our walk-in mediclinic today, or call to book an appointment.

Meet Our Physicians

Meet Our Edmonton Doctors Accepting Walk-in Clinic Patients Today!

At our Edmonton mediclinic locations, we have some of the highest qualified medical professionals, committed family doctors, pharmacists, eye-care specialists, surgeons, and imaging specialists in Edmonton. They are available to take care of all your medical needs.

107 Ave Walk-in Clinic

  • 10660-105 St.
    Edmonton, AB, T5H 2W9
  • 780-784-0475
  • Open (Closes 5pm, 4 Sat-Sun)

118 Ave Walk-in Clinic

  • 5809-118 Ave
    Edmonton, AB, T5W 1E5
  • 780-784-3282
  • Closed (Opens 9am, 10 Sat)

97 St Walk-in Clinic

  • 13514-97 St.
    Edmonton, AB, T5E 4E2
  • 780-540-7713
  • Open (Closes 5pm, 4 Sat, 3 Sun)

In House Pharmacy

At Medicine Place in Edmonton, we always ensure that your medications are safe and compatible for you to take and use. Thus, we customize prescriptions to suit your special medication needs. Our clinics also provide custom packaging for easy dosing and remembering. Your health and wellness starts here. Step inside our Edmonton clinic and we will take care of the rest. Our utmost priority is your health. We are eager to provide you with efficient and professional services at our clinics. Moreover, our experienced pharmacists can write prescriptions, as well. We provide citywide free prescription delivery throughout Edmonton. Also, you can conveniently order your medication online.
About Our Pharmacy Services

Medicine Place clinics is home to some of Edmonton’s most experienced and knowledgeable family doctors and specialists. Our mediclinic team is trained to help you with physical and mental ailments as well as various kinds of addictions.

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We have state-of-the-art imaging equipment at our clinics that can help Edmonton patients with walk-in x-rays as well as ultrasounds. Our team of trained specialists can also run tests related to bone density, pain management as well as Mammograms and Echocardiograms.

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With some of the hottest brands in Edmonton, our team of trained optometrists at Medicine Place clinics should also be your first stop for eye-glasses, eye exams, contact lenses and more! Direct billing is now available!

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Medicine Place is currently operating at three clinic locations in Edmonton: 10660-105 St, 5809-118 Ave, and 13514-97 St. Our 97 St. clinic location is a medical hub, providing a full range of services for our patients.

We have some of the most respected and professional practitioners. Our doctors care about you, your time, and your medical needs, that’s why walk-ins are always welcome at any of our Edmonton clinics. To make life much easier for our patients, we have an on-site pharmacy at our clinics that will provide you with all your necessary prescription medications.

If you have questions or if you’d like to book an appointment at our mediclinic, please fill in this form!

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Edmonton Walk-in Clinic FAQ

Medicine Place is currently operating at three locations: 10660-105 St, 5809-118 Ave, and 13514-97 St. At Medicine Place, we know you can’t always bend your schedule to work around your medical needs. That’s why we welcome walk-in patients at all our locations, as well as appointment booking. Visit us at a time that is most convenient for you.

Our walk-in clinics in Edmonton offer patients with an array of non-urgent services including on-site pharmacy, eye care, imaging services, sick notes, drivers medicals, prescriptions, ear flush, wart treatment, stitches and in-clinic wound care, WCB visits, test results, requisitions, physicals +pap smears, refugee visits (language line available through the refugee health program) and more.

We also offer free influenza vaccines to patients in Edmonton on a walk-in basis. Our goal is to help accommodate the demand for immunizations in Edmonton and enhance the quality of care for all patients every flu season.

Please bring your government-issued photo ID and your Alberta Health Care card.

Medicine Place is currently operating at three locations: 10660-105 St, 5809-118 Ave, and 13514-97 St. Our 97 St. location is a medical hub, providing a full range of services for our patients. Our hours of operation are:

5809-118th Ave
Monday to Friday 9-4pm
Saturday 10-2pm

13514-97th St
Monday to Friday 9-5pm
Saturday 10-4pm
Sunday 10-3pm

10660-105th St
Monday to Friday 9-5pm
Sat and Sun 10-4pm

In addition to walk-in clinic services, you can also book an appointment online or over the phone at one of our three locations. Our 97 St. location is a medical hub, providing a full range of services for our patients. Contact us if you would like to book an appointment.

Your time is important to us. Part of providing top-quality medical care means making sure you don’t wait any longer than necessary to have your medical needs met. At Medicine Place, we work hard to ensure all of our walk-in clinic wait times remain low, giving you the comfort and freedom to go about your day. To serve you better, all wait times available on MEDIMAP.CA.