Pharmacy services provided through four locations:

✓ Pharmacists with additional prescribing authority
✓ Medication reviews
✓ On-site packaging options for medication safety
✓ Delivery of medications
✓ Addiction and mental health education
✓ Information on diabetes
✓ Stop smoking education
✓ Travel health and immunization services

Edmonton Pharmaceutical Care Options

The pharmacy locations offer more care options than just prescription medication.

Did you know that pharmacists with additional training and certifications can prescribe for many
medical conditions such as:


✓Allergic Rhinitis
✓Cold Sores
✓Contact Allergic Dermatitis
✓Diarrhea (non-infectious)
✓Dry Eyes
✓Emergency Contraception

✓Menstrual Cramps
✓Mild Acne
✓Mild Bites, Stings and Hives
✓Mild Headache
✓Mild to Moderate Eczema
✓Minor Joint Pain
✓Minor Muscle Pain
✓Minor Sleep Disorders

✓Nasal Congestion
✓Oral Ulcer
✓Yeast Infections
✓Smoking Cessation
✓Sore Throat
✓Threadworm and Pinworms

Free Edmonton Medication Deliveries

Pharmacies understand it’s a huge problem for patients to find time to refill their prescriptions on time.

To support you they offer prescription deliveries in Edmonton to eliminate this inconvenience and risk missing taking your medication on time. Talk to one of the pharmacists about how they might set up your prescriptions to be delivered straight to your door so you never miss another dose again.

The pharmacy locations even offer same-day and next-day prescription delivery in Edmonton.

Travel Health and Immunization Services

All Medicine Place pharmacists are certified to administer medicine by injection to our patients. We are able to provide all vaccines shots for adults and seniors, and are permitted to provide influenza vaccinations for any patient over 5 years of age. Medicine Place pharmacists also offer full travel vaccination and immunizations to help protect Canadian travellers against infectious diseases. Medicine Place pharmacy immunization services are welcome to all patients. Appointments and walk-ins welcome.

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Medicine Place is currently operating four walk-in medical clinic locations in Edmonton:

✓ 10660-105 St
✓ 5809-118 Ave
✓ 4243-118 Ave
✓ 13514-97 St*

*Our 97 St. clinic location is a medical hub, providing a full range of services for our patients.

We have some of the most respected and professional practitioners. Our doctors truly care about you, your time, and your medical needs, that’s why walk-ins are always welcome at any of our Edmonton clinics.

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