With our in-house pharmacy, getting your medication has never been easier!

Never waste your day bouncing from the doctor’s office to the pharmacy again! At Medicine Place, we have an in-house pharmacy to provide you with the easiest, most efficient, high-quality Edmonton medical care possible. Our Edmonton pharmacy services include EMAR Advanced Dispensing System, High-Efficiency PACMED System, addiction and mental health education, information on diabetes, education on quitting smoking, and specialized care options for seniors. We also offer travel health and immunization services, and free Edmonton medication delivery! Never stress about your pharmacy needs again, Medicine Place has you covered.

EMAR Advanced Dispensing System

Medicine Place in Edmonton has access to Electronic Medication Administration Record Advanced Dispensing Systems. This allows our patients to quickly and easily switch from their current pharmacy to a convenient Medicine Place clinic. Using the EMAR software, our staff at Medicine Place can log onto a vendor website and view the patient’s most current prescription information ensuring nothing is missed so you get the best quality of care. And with our automated dispensing system, you never have to worry about getting the wrong amount of medication.

High-Efficiency PACMED System

Medicine Place clinics have high-efficiency PACMED systems helping ensure our patients stay safe and get the best care possible. PACMED allows the pharmacists at our locations to package individual doses of medication customized for each patient to cut down on the time you spend measuring medications, and potential mistakes in dosage. Our systems even have a Special Tablet System that means unique doses including half-tablets and low-volume medication isn’t an inconvenience anymore.

Edmonton Pharmaceutical Care Options

Did you know, Medicine Place pharmacies in Edmonton offer more care options than just prescription medication. Medicine Place pharmacy offers a wide range of pharmaceutical care options to serve you better, including services such as addiction and mental health education, diabetes information and education, education and information on quitting smoking, and specialized care options for seniors.

Free Edmonton Medication Deliveries

A huge problem we’ve noticed for patients is making time to refill their prescriptions on time. Medicine Place offers prescription deliveries in Edmonton to eliminate this inconvenience that can put the patient’s health in jeopardy. Talk to one of our Medicine Place staff members to see how you can set up your prescription to be delivered straight to your door so you never miss another dose. Medicine Place clinics even offer same day and next day prescription delivery in Edmonton.

Travel Health and Immunization Services

All Medicine Place pharmacists are certified to administer medicine by injection to our patients. We are able to provide all vaccines shots for adults and seniors, and are permitted to provide influenza vaccinations for any patient over 5 years of age. Medicine Place pharmacists also offer full travel vaccination and immunizations to help protect Canadian travellers against infectious diseases. Medicine Place pharmacy immunization services are welcome to all patients. Appointments and walk-ins welcome.

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Medicine Place is currently operating at three locations: 10660-105 St,  5809-118 Ave, and 13514-97 St. Our 97 St. location is a medical hub, providing a full range of services for our patients.

We have some of the most respected and professional practitioners. Our doctors care about you, your time, and your medical needs, that’s why walk-ins are always welcome. To make life much easier for our patients, we have an on-site pharmacy that will provide you with all your necessary prescription medications.

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